About us

"It's the students. They are the authors of their
own books – we just support them."

Founded in New Zealand in 2011 by Terrance Wallace, the InZone Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that supports disadvantaged families of minority boys in the 7th through 12th grade, by providing them with access to wrap-around support services in a safe and nurturing living environment.


InZone's mission is to inspire and support disadvantaged youth to excel through access to high performing schools in safe communities, whilst living in a family environment with a Christian base and providing opportunities for restorative racial reconciliation.


Life at the InZone homes are structured around Christian Values. The InZone Project fosters amongst its students the core values of:

Leadership | Honor | Moving forward together | Loving your neighbor as one’s self | Excellence

InZone Theory of Change

At InZone, we believe that by supporting disadvantaged families, students can truly perform at their best. Students from InZone families live in a supportive community and home environment that contributes to their achievement and secures better opportunities for their long term success. Until you address the challenges in the students’ communities and households, there will always be obstacles in the way of achieving their full potential as students, no matter what school they attend.