"Every child deserves FULL SUPPORT & access to a 

The InZone Theory of Change
At InZone, we believe that by supporting disadvantaged families, students can truly perform at their best.  Students from InZone families live in a supportive community and home environment that contributes to their achievement and secures better opportunities for their long-term success.   Until you work through and address the challenges in students’ communities and households, no matter what school students go to, there are always going to be barriers to them achieving their full potential.

The InZone Philosophy
Life at the InZone home is underpinned by Christian values.  The InZone Project fosters amongst its students the core values of:
  • Leadership
  • Honor
  • Moving forward together
  • Loving your neighbor as one’s self
  • Excellence

InZone  views  its homes  as Christian facilities, however our student-base includes adherents to a diverse range of religions and non-religion.
The InZone homes offers its students regular Sunday chapel services and encourages the sharing of daily devotions focused on building up the confidence of students before they head to school.