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Terrance Wallace
Innovator, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Change Agent, Visionary

Terrance Wallace

Founder & CEO
Chicago native and community innovator, Terrance Wallace spent seven years in New Zealand, where he created the InZone Project, providing opportunities for minority youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to live in a nurturing residential environment with wrap-around support. In 2016, Wallace returned home to Chicago from New Zealand to leverage his sphere of influence to combat the challenges that continue to plaque minority communities across the USA.
In 2014, Wallace co-founded ScanOne LTD, a biometric device that was originally developed to provide an easy way of monitoring students within the education sector. The device helps track attendance and student location. With the success of the ScanOne application in schools, it quickly became clear that the system could be used in a variety of other sectors, including businesses and corporations.
Terrance Wallace welcomes the opportunity to encourage and empower today’s youth, believing that no child should be left behind, and when given the best support, any youth can achieve.

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